It is so Simple yet packed with Powerful features.

It stores whatever text you copy from any application along with its application name, date and time.



You can add your Notes at any time using the '+' button.


The Sliding Navigation Bar lets you to easily navigate through the application.




Its Sleek and Intuitive User Interface makes it easy to copy, edit, share and delete the clips.

The seamless transitions and fluid scrolling animations give a soothing effect while using the application.



Clipboard clips

 A Simple yet Stunning application to manage your Clipboard and to take Notes.



★  Automatically stores any text that you copy from any application.
★  Facility to add Notes at any time.
★  Gives a Notification Toast whenever you copy some text.
★  Ability to Copy, Edit, Share and Delete the clips.
★  Sleek and Intuitive User interface.
★  Cool Seamless transitions and animations.